About Us


Button String Theatre is a Vancouver-based company that was formed in the summer of 2009 – at the suggestion of a mutual friend – by Bronwen Marsden and Jamie Taylor, two long-time acquaintances who make a heck of a theatre pair.  The first project that we at Button String undertook was written by Edmonton-based playwright, Jeff Kubik, and entitled The Tragical Comedy of Professor Punchinello, an adaptation of the traditional and well-known Victorian puppet show, Punch and Judy. We researched, rehearsed, and performed the six-person physical theatre piece during the summer of 2010, debuting at the Victoria Fringe Festival. Jamie directed and Bronwen performed in the show.


We propose to take classic theatre pieces and adapt them into contemporary shows that are accessible, not only to the theatre-lover and -goer, but also to anyone who happens to check out a particular festival or show; to anyone who has little or no previous knowledge of the adapted piece. Button String intends to respect the history of previous works, while reimagining the text and allowing ourselves to play in the space. We look forward to finding new avenues to explore as we grow as artists. These are not museum pieces, but rather ways of allowing audience members to shift their perspectives on these old works.

As young women, we are both well aware of the dearth of strong female roles in the classic theatre canon. We hope that by revitalising these older plays, we can explore and put the spotlight on the female characters that do exist.

We believe that it is up to us and our peers to draw the general public back to the theatre, and we intend to do so by creating work that can challenge our audiences while drawing them in.